New Center

PRISMS information is being moved to our new Center of Excellence for Exposure Health Informatics, as the project starts to wrap up. Watch for us at

In local news

 Nicole Burnett, with Ram Gouripeddi, presented at the Research on Capitol Hill event ( Their poster was entitled “Enabling an Air Quality Exposome for Salt Lake Citizens”.

Sensors in Homes

We are preparing to put sensors and our sensor integration system (we call this a gateway) into a few homes, beginning this winter. This will allow us to send sensor data throughout our entire Utah PRISMS informatics platform, and to evaluate how to combine sensor data with data from a pediatric asthma research study. The […]


Welcome to the Utah PRISMS Informatics Center! We are building a system to support future studies of pediatric asthma. Pediatric asthma is scary and we don’t fully understand what can trigger it. We know poor air quality can trigger asthma symptoms, but there are many factors to consider such as what pollutants are in the […]